Extrusion Blow Molding

To meet specific need in package specification in terms of aesthetics, UV effect, Chemical resistance and heat resistance, company has created facility to produce HDPE/PP BOTTLES in range of 50ml to 5000ml sizes.


Injection molding

Injection molding technology is being used to produce customized closures and preform and custom molded article. We have installed different size of machines ranging from 100 ton t0 300 ton from reputed brand.


PET Two Stage Stretch Blow Molding

In order to cater various customer need based on, business volume, quality demand, uncertainty s development cost etc. Company has adopted single stage and double stage technology from world best machine manufacturer like AOKI-Japan, ASB Nessai-Japan, SIDEL and other reputed Indian brands. That make us reliable supplier in market with flexibility in business environment. We are capable of producing 50ml to 5000ml PET Bottles and Jars.